When You’re Asked to Bring a Bottle of Wine to a Dinner Party (but feel very insecure about it…) - Women & Wine
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When You’re Asked to Bring a Bottle of Wine to a Dinner Party (but feel very insecure about it…)

When You’re Asked to Bring a Bottle of Wine to a Dinner Party (but feel very insecure about it…)

Let’s face it. Even though you know how to order off a wine list, shop in a wine store and recommend wines that you love, there’s still a lot of pressure when the host says “bring a bottle of wine!”

So the question is, will the wine be opened after you arrive or is there already enough thoughtfully chosen wine on the table?

If your host is ‘into wine’ they most likely will put the bottle you’ve brought aside without so much as a glance having picked wines to pair with the meal.

You’ll immediately feel badly, and worse, like you’ve wasted your money.

So here’s my recommendations on how to avoid this situation and feel good about having gone to the trouble to gift wine at a dinner party.

First, ask the host if the wine you’ll be bringing will be served for a sit down dinner and, if so, what course would they like you to bring wine for (white or red or another choice).

This will make the host focus on the fact that you actually do care about bringing a wine that is well suited for the meal and appreciate your thoughtful choice, increasing the likelihood that the wine will be poured.

Most of the time, if the host is also a cook, they will have planned out the wine for dinner, so don’t be insulted if they say ‘just bring anything’.

Then there is really only one choice in this situation, a recognizable bottle of good champagne.

If, however, there’s a bunch of wine geeks getting together for a buffet style menu, then choose something that you love or that is highly recommended in your price range that might not be known to the other guests. You’ll get kudos from them when they taste your selections. Natural or ‘orange’ wines are the hot topic now so look for something in that category to make a distinctive choice.

Another great idea is to bring a magnum to the party.
Large bottles make immediate friends. They’re fun to drink and they look like you’ve gone to the trouble to make sure there’s enough for a taste for everyone.

Sure it’s a splurge, but better to show that you’re on point with what makes a party fun then finding your wine in the re-gifting section of your host’s wine rack months later.


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